Australian Shadows Awards Callout!

As I’m one of the judges for the non-fiction awards this year again, I’m issuing this  #Callout for non-fiction (and fiction too…) !!

Have you read (or written) any great articles, blogs, academic papers, newspaper or online articles, reviews, etc. relating to dark fiction recently? Note: Submissions should be made by the author, publisher or their agent or representative. So, if you’ve written (or read, and want to make sure it’s in the running) any appropriately-themed non-fiction last year and want to see it submitted to the #AHWA Shadows Awards for non-fiction, please do so soon as Submissions close on 28th February.
Definition: Non-fiction is a piece of non-fiction or work of criticism, including (but not limited to) a book, essay, article or review. The work should be an author biography recognising work in the horror genre, criticism of one or more horror works, or be based on a topic that is in some way horror-themed, i.e. hauntings, true crime killings.

Main* rules for eligibility:
– There is no fee to submit works to the Australian Shadows Awards.
– All entries must be first published in 2018
– The work may be published in any text format: print, electronic, or audio.
– The author/editor must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australasia, New Zealand, or Oceania
– Eligible genres/sub-genres include horror, dark fiction, dark fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

*Full rules here:

via Award Entry Rule