Unknown Superheroes anthology in the works…

I’ve been away from the publishing and editing game for over a year now, but was recently enticed by my artist friend and collaborator Will Jacques to edit the forthcoming anthology Unknown Superheroes vs the Forces of Darkness. While this isn’t a Things in The Well publication (the book will be published under the Ghastly Door Press imprint), it will be a stunning book and I’m proud to be part of this innovative project.

Not only has Will managed to commission some big name writers – And some lesser known, which is a recipe we both wanted from the outset – he’s commissioned awesome cover art by Melbourne graphic novelist and artist Matty Taylor (aka Karmavoid) And, if that’s not enough, Will is frantically illustrating the book in his own unique style, and promises each story will contain 2 bookend illustrations, and some even more! Will draws with pen on paper without using a pencil, so these are raw and unedited. He doesn’t even use a ruler or compass! A true freehand artist.

The Beard – it’s very weird!

My first collection of short stories and poetry “The Beard and Other Weirdness” was released in 2018, in two cover variants as shown below. The first (variant A) has a painting by yours truly, and the second (variant B) is illustrated by the uniquely talented Will Jacques. – Steve Dillon

Paperback version available on Amazon
For the hardback version(s) shown above please contact me (Steve Dillon) at:- DillonStephen@hotmail.com