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Pre-Order Trickster’s Treats 3 – The Seven Deadly Sins!

Now available for pre-orders, featuring cover artwork by the current President of the Australasian Horror Writers Association, author and artist Greg Chapman. This edition is in aid of charity: water and is co-edited by renowned editors the UK's Marie O'Regan and New Zealand's Lee Murray, with the assistance of eight sub-editors! This seven deadly sins … Continue reading Pre-Order Trickster’s Treats 3 – The Seven Deadly Sins!


New Facebook page for Guilty Pleasures

I'm trying to wean myself off Facebook, but alas I can't seem to do it. So, instead, I've created another page 🙂 This one is for the forthcoming book of drabbles and doubles, 'Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights' - Please head on over and like it, share it, comment on the posts. You know, … Continue reading New Facebook page for Guilty Pleasures

Trickster’s Treats – Charity: Water update

Just a quick update to remind people why we're publishing 'Trickster's Treats - The Seven Deadly Sins editon' anthology - to raise money for Charity: water. It all starts with water, so  thanks for the donations to date, and for all the writers who have donated their stories without fees, hopefully allowing us to make … Continue reading Trickster’s Treats – Charity: Water update

My Best Acceptance Letter!

A few weeks ago, I posted what I considered to be the best (most pleasing) rejection letter I've ever received, for my short story 'The Scary Man'. Today, I received what has to be my best acceptance letter to date: "We are writing to secure your story 'Panopticon' for (title withheld to honour the publisher's … Continue reading My Best Acceptance Letter!

Why Amazon has annoyed… again

Amazon and Amazon Australia. Where do I begin? Background: For a forthcoming title I'm publishing, I need to manually transcribe a story from a copy of a book that's not available on Kindle (Ramsey Campbell's 'Scared Stiff - Tales of Sex and Death'). Fair enough, not all of them are. So I contact the author … Continue reading Why Amazon has annoyed… again

A sale, getting into an anthology alongside Ramsey Campbell and a review on Gingernuts of Night of the Rider…

Nice pingback about acceptance to a @ThingsInTheWell anthology – thanks @AlysonFaye 🙂


Some lovely publication news- a sale to the tune of $30 from a US publisher for one of my stories – which is my biggest one off fee for a story- Mortal Realm are the publisher and I’ve just signed the contract.

More news to follow.


I have had a double drabble (ie a 200 word story) accepted by prestigious Australian publisher Things in the Well (Steve Dillon)

for my erotic horror piece- the first time I’ve tried to write in that genre; so new direction for me.

As you can see from the cover reveal below, I will be appearing within the same pages as the mighty horror legend which is Ramsey Campbell, (another writing dream of mine come true).



There is a lovely review on Gingernuts of Horror for Night of the Rider from Kim – who has been a stalwart supporter of…

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The Library at MONA, Hobart…

What better way to seek creative influence than to spend it at the public library of MONA owner and entrepreneur David Walsh at MONA. I have a book about Bosch propped open as I write this, surrounded by art books of all kinds, and others I haven't even glanced at yet. I think I could … Continue reading The Library at MONA, Hobart…

Updated Cover for ‘Guilty Pleasures’

Here's the progress on the cover design for the forthcoming anthology 'Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights'. I had feedback that it was very dark, but not erotic enough. While this is still draft, hopefully I've fixed that now 🙂 - I've also been busy writing my own selection of 7 double-drabbles (200-words each) and 3 drabbles (100-words … Continue reading Updated Cover for ‘Guilty Pleasures’

Why I Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex

Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Desires - an Erotic Horror Anthology Most of my followers will know I'm currently reading an amazing array of drabbles and double drabbles for the latest anthology from Things in the Well, Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Desires, a forthcoming collection of 100-word and 200-word stories which flood my inbox … Continue reading Why I Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex