The Beard and Other Weirdness

Pre-order the eBook ‘Deeper, Darker Things and Other Oddities’

While I'm waiting for the printed version of my next collection 'Deeper, Darker Things and Other Oddities', I've released an ebook version on Smashwords (Amazon will follow) - the link for pre-order is here: Please feel free to email me if you're a reviewer and would like a review copy of the Mobi or … Continue reading Pre-order the eBook ‘Deeper, Darker Things and Other Oddities’


Ramsey Campbell news!

As announced on Facebook, the UK's foremost horror writer Ramsey Campbell has kindly allowed us to include a reprint of his 1974 short story 'Dolls' in the forthcoming 'Guilty Secrets' anthology (see the callout here). Dolls was previously published in Ramsey's own collection 'Scared Stiff - Tales of Sex and Death'. So, now there's even … Continue reading Ramsey Campbell news!

A sex and horror anthology, and some musings…

UPDATE: FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP!! Facebook decided my post linking to the callout went 'against community standards' and prevented me linking directly to that page. It also seems they have removed other people's posts linking to it. I guess sex must be really bad in Facebook's eyes... unless they're controlling what posts are allowed for some diabolical reason? ~ … Continue reading A sex and horror anthology, and some musings…

Deeper, Darker Things…

...and other oddities! Coming Soon, the next collection of short stories and poems by Things in the Well editor-in-chief, Steve Dillon. "Deep, dark, short stories and poetry. Containing a good blend of original stories and some reprints from the anthologies Things In The Well and The Refuge Collection - Heaven to Some, Hell to Others, as … Continue reading Deeper, Darker Things…

Trickster’s Treats subs closed…

I'm excited to share that the Trickster's Treats submissions window has now closed and the submissions editors are busy at work selecting the shortlist for the table of contents for this year's magazine. If you submitted, good luck and thanks! If you'd like to support charity: water by buying a copy, I will be taking advance … Continue reading Trickster’s Treats subs closed…

Dry July is here… And a few words about diabetes:

Thinking of getting healthy? I'm coming off the booze for a month. My body needs the break, lol! While I'm on the subject, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 18 months ago. It was a huge surprise as I'd just gone in to register with the GP who did the HbA1c check as … Continue reading Dry July is here… And a few words about diabetes:

White Shadows is now available!

White shadows by author P.B. Kane (Paul Kane) is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. This is YA fiction at its best and includes the following stories, including for the first time in print the title story White Shadows! The Rainbow Man A Chaos Demon is for Life Kindred Spirits White Shadows … Continue reading White Shadows is now available!

The Beard – it’s very weird!

My first collection of short stories and poetry "The Beard and Other Weirdness" was released in 2018, in two cover variants as shown below. The first (variant A) has a painting by yours truly, and the second (variant B) is illustrated by the uniquely talented Will Jacques. - Steve Dillon Paperback version available on Amazon For the … Continue reading The Beard – it’s very weird!

Cover reveal for ‘Beside the Seaside – Tales from the Daytripper’ in hardback!

I'm thrilled to share the dust jacket for 'Beside the Seaside - Tales from the Daytripper' - available soon* from Amazon and all good bookshops! *To pre-order for a limited time offer of $33 USD including shipping, use this link! Book 6 in the Things in the Well series of themed anthologies, Beside the Seaside - Tales … Continue reading Cover reveal for ‘Beside the Seaside – Tales from the Daytripper’ in hardback!