Ordering for Australian Customers!

As many people know, ordering books through Amazon AU can be very expensive, so thanks to some hard work by Louise Zedda-Sampson, we are now offering a direct ordering service for some of our recent books. This only applies to folks in Australia (only Australia, sorry, not New Zealand at this point), as prices elsewhere seem reasonable on Amazon, especially if you can get free shipping. If you are in New Zealand, please contact us for a quote with your address and which books you’d like, thanks!

Please note: Stocks of some titles are limited so it may be a while till we can have these printed and shipped locally. If you’re in a hurry, please do check with Louise or Steve!

Any one of the above books is $25 AUD including shipping!
Additional books are an extra $15 including shipping!
Don’t forget to let us know which book(s) you’d like when you order!

As these are charity books, we will still be able to raise funds for the various charities, so your money is being well spent and you’re getting some great value books for less than you can on amazon – if you do see these cheaper anywhere else, please let Steve or Louise know!

Trickster’s Treats #4 – Coming, Buried or Not! The latest Hallowe’en fiction magazine edited by Louise Zedda-Sampson and Geneve Flynn. We’re having these specially printed and shipped for you! Proceeds go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Infected 1, Tales to Read at Home – proceeds go to the Save the Children Coronavirus Response Campaign (or similar of the campaign ends)

Infected 2, Tales to Read Alone – proceeds go to the Save the Children Coronavirus Response Campaign (or similar of the campaign ends)

Burning Love, Bleeding Hearts! Proceeds go to the Australian Bushfire relief funds.

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