Trickster’s Treats #4 Announcement!

We’re very pleased to announce the final ToC for Trickster’s Treats #4 – Coming, Buried or Not!, edited by Louise Zedda-Sampson and Geneve Flynn, published by Steve Dillon at Things In The Well. The anthology will be released in time for some strange and spooky Halloween reading.
We had just under 120 submissions for this anthology and have selected 32 of these to be included. Thank you to every single person who submitted. All funds will support the important work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The ToC will read as follows:

“In a Cave Wall” by Dominick Cancilla
“Requiem Aeternam” by Rebecca Pyne
“Bury My Heart, Somewhere Deep” by Ian Bain
“Burying the Well on the Wings of a Crow” by Herb Kauderer
“The Crows of Las Cruces” by Kurt Newton
“The Box Born Wraith” by Kevin David Anderson
“The Toddling” by Kurt Newton
“The Raving” by Sheri Vandermolen
“Pythia Speaks” by Jenny Blackford
“Frostfire” by Aline Boucher Kaplan
“Drowning” by Liam Hogan

“Digging Up the Past” by Chris Mason
“Till Death Do Us Part” by Kellie Nissen
“Digging up the Dead” by Edward Ahern
“Buzzing” by Lynn White
“A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser” by Fiona Jones
“A Light for the Grave” by Aristo Couvaras
“Whole” by Andrew Cull
“The Little Helper” by Kali Napier
“The Garden” by Kurt Newton
“Tender Age in Bloom” by Matthew R Davis

“To Leaven His Bones” by Amanda Crum
“The Witch Tree” by Alyson Faye
“Jimmy’s Boys” by Laura E Goodin
“An Afterlife of Stone” by Jenny Blackford
“Shaft” by Kev Harrison
“The House Whisperer” by Robert Kibble
“Playlist” by Stephanie Ellis
“There is No Such Thing as Dead” by Lucy Ann Fiorini
“Dead Set” by Steve Dillon
“Sleeping with the Dead” by Alicia Hilton
“A Streetcar Named Lugosi” by Mike Sheedy

Keep an eye out here or at Things In The Well for news of pre-orders!

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