Order direct in Australia/New Zealand!

As most people reading this will know, Amazon charge a shedload of dollar$ for books shipped to Australia and New Zealand from the US, and they don’t print locally, so we’re bypassing them for the antipodean marketplace. Many thanks to Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts editor Louise Zedda-Sampson for facilitating!

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Amazon shipping too high? Are you in Australia or New Zealand?
Now you can order directly from Things in the Well* as follows:
Australia: 1 book $26, 2 books $42, 3 books $62
New Zealand: 1 book $34, 2 books $56, 3 books $72
(Price in AUD and includes shipping and a profit to the charity!)
All proceeds from INFECTED 1 & 2 go to the Save the Children Coronavirus Response Order: https://Paypal.me/SteveDillon in $AUD please!
PS: Don’t forget to let me know which book(s) you want!
*Offer only available for INFECTED books 1 and 2. Thanks to Louise Zedda-Sampson for facilitating! There are still a few copies of Burning Love, Bleeding Hearts available. Contact Louise if you want a copy of that as well (Proceeds to the Red Cross Australia)




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