Unknown Superheroes vs The Forces of Darkness!

Now available on Amazon! Not strictly a Things in The Well publication, although Steve Dillon has worked closely with co-editor Will Jacques for over a year on this awesome new take on the Superhero genre, which is now available on Kindle/ebook. Paperback and Hardback will follow shortly!

Editor’s Introduction:
With stories from some of the most loved writers of dark fiction and some who are still in that bucket we like to call emerging (actually, just not as well-known) including a generous helping of international folks, we hope we have succeeded in breaking the mold, crossing the streams, and other analogies and cliches that could be inserted here. Above all, we hope you will relish… and remember some of these stories of Unknown Superheroes Against the forces of darkness. For after all, what is the value of a tale if it can’t be recalled a year or so after its telling?

Artist’s Statement:
The world is starving for a new hero! Isn’t everyone tired of all the reruns and re-treads? Forget all those old characters. Let’s come up with something new! So, first off, all the stories and artwork in this book are original to the edition. Written for here; drawn for this. I went around to dauntingly famous authors and challenged them shamelessly:
“I want you to write a short story. The title of the book is Unknown Superheroes Vs. the Forces of Darkness. You have to make up your own hero. Something pulpy, a hero you would use over and over. Don’t just think traditional comic book heroes, though that is certainly welcome. Go for anything Flash Gordan to Miss Marple; Tarzan to Doc Savage; Superman to Sherlock Holmes…”
My God did they deliver! To thank every person who contributed is to thank every person. They’re all giants!
Freehand Pen and Ink is – obviously – very important to me. Freehand pen and ink has rules: The artist never uses a pencil. No drawing tools, protractors, rulers, bottle caps to make circles, none of that. Only a single ink pen and a blank sheet of paper… It takes me about 8 hours of actual drawing to finish a picture.
I might have some idea where I’m going, but nothing ever goes true to plan.

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